There are many fronts in the wars to defend Western Civilisation from its enemies

The political leaders in China, North Korea and Iran can oppress their people to their heart’s content. It is a tragedy, and one wishes it were otherwise, but no one’s going to go to war to save them. But if the leaders of these regimes want to impose their way of life on us by force, then that’s different.

I do not wish to live in a theocracy, whether religious or socialist. What I do hope and wish for is that American power will continue to protect the rest of us – along with our own active support and participation – from the kinds of tyranny that runs rampant across the world. Donald Trump gets it.

As discussed here: DONALD TRUMP POLITICS ROGER KIMBALL US POLITICS Eliminating Qasem Soleimani was Donald Trump’s Middle East farewell letter. I will just quote the opening.

In July 55 BC, in the midst of his campaigns to civilize Gaul, Julius Caesar was troubled by the Germans. They would cross the Rhine, wreak havoc, and then disappear back across the mighty river, whose depth and swift currents made the Germans regard it as an impregnable barrier.

To teach them that it wasn’t, Caesar had his engineers construct a bridge across the Rhine. As Caesar recounts in Book IV of his commentaries on the Gallic War, they did this in an astonishing 10 days. Caesar and his troops crossed over, stayed for a few days in German territory, ‘burned all their villages and other buildings, and cut down the grain in their fields’. They then crossed back over and destroyed the bridge.

The point, which was not lost on the Germans, was that the Romans could go anywhere they wanted, whenever they wanted, and there was nothing the Germans could do about it.

Western Civilisation has enemies, some within and some without. Thankfully it also has its defenders. There are many political fools around but at the moment, our side is ahead, even if it’s only slightly.


Susan Hennessey is Executive Editor of the Lawfare Blog, a Brookings Senior Fellow, and a CNN National Security Legal Analyst and former Intelligence Community lawyer. She’s also, as you can see, a dishonest idiot. These are the “experts” Trump is supposed to have deferred to. Disgraceful, and a pretty good explanation of why our foreign policy has been a dumpster fire for the last three decades.

Related: The Suicide of Expertise.


Yet the more we learn — about the deliberations preceding the strike, about the chain of events leading to it, about the prior and subsequent moves by CENTCOM to harden the American position in the region — the more it seems that the President acted with deliberate aforethought, that he does in fact have a plan, and therefore likely is capable of envisioning and handling what happens next. That much is only fair, whether or not one agrees with the decision as such.

What nearly the entire DC / academia / journo natsec/forpol commentariat actually means by its critique, though, is that they weren’t included in any of this. Ben Rhodes took the time to rally them together, get their talking points aligned, illuminate a pathway to social and professional advancement: that’s their preferred template for Iran-related policymaking.

Donald Trump’s template for Iran-related policymaking is the smoking wreckage of a terror mastermind’s vehicle. The courtiers see it, and want to know what’s in it for them.

Americans see it, and they know.

What the foreign policy apparatchiks fear isn’t that Trump might fail — they pray for that. What they fear is that he is likely to succeed.


Well, I’m doing my part on the mockery front. Feel free to join me.

The level of traitorous stupidity is breathtaking.

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