How to avoid an argument with crazies

You can see by reading through that what they suggest will not work: How to Win an Argument with Your Liberal Relatives. One assertion against another will not work for either but will cause bad blood.

My advice, avoid talking to anyone on the left about politics. If they bring it up, just laugh at them for their ignorance and for the cruelty they would inflict on anyone where their politics should happen to exist: China, North Korea, California.

They have nothing left. Their economics is only about re-distribution not about increasing the flow of output. Green policies are about destruction of proven technologies, not about making our energy supplies more secure. Migration policy is about open borders where anyone from anywhere speaking any language but our own are permitted to land and claim a welfare-financed existence towards which they contribute nothing, not about bringing in migrants who are productive and will fit in with the existing culture. As for gender, it is anything anyone wishes to declare themselves to be, whether in relation to the sports they play or the public facilities they are permitted to use rather than having any relation to the physical equipment one happens to have been born with.

There’s lots more, but in the end you are dealing with crazy people who have nothing to say to you and will not listen to anything you say to them.

Here’s something to help you make these issues a bit more clear.

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