The Birth of Feminism

And then there is this to supplement the video: Feminism as Gender Terrorism: The Mortal Vendetta Against the Male Sex. All part of the death of freedom. Here’s the footnote which will have particular relevance to Australians:

Eltahawy might have had a stronger argument against Muslim men, as she did in Headscarves and Hymens, where she went to town against Islamic “personal status laws…where religious and conservative men shore up their control over women’s lives.” In 2011 Eltahawy was savagely beaten by the Egyptian riot police in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where she was demonstrating against Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic rule. Repressive as it may have been, Mubarak’s government gave women more rights than the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime of Mohamed Morsi that would succeed it. In any event, Eltahawy’s campaign against male brutality in general is blatantly exaggerated; she is, after all, no longer living in an Islamic theocracy.

Here’s all that’s left of that toxic Q&A.

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