The MCW vote

From Paul Kelly on why Labor lost: A tale of two Labors. Here is Labor’s core constituency:

Labor has no option but to remain a champion of progressivism, the tertiary-educated, high-income cosmopolitans focused on climate change, social justice, inclusion and, increasingly, identity politics.

Progressivism!! The Moron Class, he means. And then he says it again.

It must reconcile the cultural tension ā€” certain to intensify ā€” between urban, well-off, self-righteous progressives and the alienated, more socially conservative workers facing poorer incomes and weaker services.

I especially liked the “self-righteous” bit. Did he really mean to say that? Does he think this is a positive feature?

He is of course discussing the self-satisfied, pseudo-intellectual classes, many if not most of whose incomes are paid via taxation, who would be the last groups damaged by the political dead ends they are pursuing. They rack up high incomes while providing near nothing to the strength of the economy. The entire public service is filled with people like that, not to mention our crony capitalists, and there are others as well.

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