Forcing people to pay other people’s bills

A comment from Medicare for All at Powerline.

When we reached a point that it became acceptable to force people to help pay the Dr. & hospital bills of others it resulted in a huge loss of freedom for Americans.

The talk about ensuring that we don’t become a socialist country would be funny if it were not tragic because it’s already here. And has been for a long time.

It has become accepted that Americans owe other Americans financial assistance in paying for their medical care. It is one thing to assist with the 2% – 5% of the population with chronic medical conditions and limited financial resources. It is entirely different to subsidize everyone’s medical expenses. And likely those most harmed are the middle range of financial resources. The poor receive more than what they pay and the rich can afford more than what they pay.

A huge opportunity was missed by the GOP in 2017 when they did not Repeal Obamacare completely.

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