“Systematic efforts to denigrate men”

I can’t believe that such sentiments were allowed into print: ‘Boys Are Stupid; Girls Are Awesome’ – Most TV Shows & Movies Today. The opening paras:

Most kids’ shows today are pretty much twaddle.

However, in moments of exhaustion and weakness, I let my boys watch the occasional age-appropriate movie or TV show. But I usually find myself having some ‘splainin to do with them afterwards.

That’s because, more often than not, they have just watched something in which the female lead is the smart and capable hero, and the male lead is the bumbling idiot who must be rescued by his female companion. For the sake of their self-esteem, I find myself having to clarify that what they are witnessing is a systematic effort to denigrate men for the sake of exalting women, all in the name of “equity”.

The way things went was that we had men and women whose traditional roles had evolved over millennia. And then some women said that they were as good as men, so we let them try. And some things they could do, like being doctors and lawyers, and some things they couldn’t do, or didn’t want to do, like being garage mechanics and computer programmers. But even after half a century of trying, women do not have anywhere near half of the major jobs in our society. Lots of explanations, but facts are facts. One of the ways this is being addressed by our ever-present social engineers is to exalt women and depreciate men, as the article discusses. It is the way we in the West deal with what is supposedly oppression, but is really just attempts to help those who cannot help themselves. Those who can help themselves, such as Asians within western economies, nothing at all is done to assist.

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