Dealing with the resistance

Spent the night in hospital because of an infection. I had gone to my GP last Monday with a very red and painful infection on my leg, which he looked at and put me straight onto a course of antibiotics. He said it should clear up in about a week. By Saturday it had become much worse and so I took myself off to the hospital which put me straight onto an anti-biotic drip which will now continue until whatever it is goes away. Looking to next Thursday at the earliest for this to finally be under control.

The twenty-first century will have its share of problems to deal with many of which are already visible. Included in this is the growing resistance of bacteria to anti-bacterial diseases of various kinds. Koch and Pasteur at the end of the nineteenth century put tools into the hands of doctors that allowed them for the first time in the history of the medical profession actually to cure disease and not just set bones and cut out diseased tissue (and let me remind you here of the blessings of anaesthetics).

This was a personal experience of what will be a problem of the highest order if we are not able to maintain our ability to control such diseases into the future. It is literally only a century ago that millions died from the influenza epidemic at the end of World War I.

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