Why isn’t there more outrage?

Comments from Trump strikes back, a post at Powerline re Biden and Son. What does get me down is that there is not more disgust in America such that not only will PDT win the election, but the Republicans will also sweep the House and pick up another half dozen in the Senate. If the Dems represent somewhere near the middle of where sentiment now is, the West is truly lost and we will all in good time end up like China.

As for our diseased and addled media, anyone at the ABC, to take just one example, who thinks there is a case for a Democrat candidate to win against PDT is a terrifying example of political idiocy, with zero morality and less judgement. I can see what they do not want; what is invisible is what they would like to replace Donald Trump with, and what policies they would like to see put in place instead. If you are interested in how empty the rhetoric of the left is, read the comments following absolutely any PDT tweet. There is never anything but hate and a near-insanity level of anger. Common sense and policy coherence are inevitably absent. Here, however, are a few comments from our side.




For the last several years, our nation has been subjected to an attack on our constitutional order.
Our institutions have been weaponized against the political opposition. This political rot has been facilitated by a complicit news media, our universities, Hollywood, and multinational corporations whose globalist orientations have brought our energy, logging, mining, and manufacturing sectors to their knees.

The previous administration has corrupted our IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and elements of the State Dept.

In the interest of transparency, it is time that these efforts to destroy a constitutionally elected administration, to nullify the votes of 63-million American citizens be confronted in an open forum.

We have the evidence in our possession…documents, emails, texts; names, dates, places. The American people will be shocked to discover that a political coup was conceived in the Obama oval office enlisting members of our national security apparatus, the Hillary Clinton campaign, DNC, and members of our legislative branch.

I am fully prepared to undertake the risks of this impeachment process. I love this country and its people.
It is time for the American people to learn the truth, to render their verdict…and for those responsible for this abomination to face justice.



DOH! Did You Know There’s a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes?
Posted on September 25, 2019 by DCWhispers
My goodness. It was passed when Joe Biden was a member of the U.S. Senate and then signed by then-President Bill Clinton.

A comprehensive treaty agreement that allows cooperation between both the United States and Ukraine in the investigation and prosecution of crimes.

It appears President Trump was following the law to the letter when it comes to unearthing the long-standing corruption that has swirled in Ukraine and allegedly involves powerful Democrats like Joe Biden and others.

“To the Senate of the United States: With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification, I transmit herewith the Treaty Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters with Annex, signed at Kiev on July 22, 1998. I transmit also, for the information of the Senate, an exchange of notes which was signed on September 30, 1999, which provides for its provisional application, as well as the report of the Department of State with respect to the Treaty. The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal assistance treaties being negotiated by the United States in order to counter criminal activities more effectively. The Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution of a wide variety of crimes, including drug trafficking offenses. The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the requested state. I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.”



Trump hater John Kasich was interviewed on CNN this morning.

When asked if President Trump was guilty of crimes due to the transcript, Kasich said no. When asked if the Muller Report justified impeachment, again Kasich said no. Finally, Kasich added that no one in Ohio is talking about this nonsense, and they could care less what the Democrats are doing.

People who live in the DC bubble and think there is a big there there do not realize just how fed up with the little games lawyers and Deep Staters are playing not only with the Constitution, but with 330 million peoples lives.

I’ve been hoping the House impeaches President Trump for over a year now. The backlash will be so strong from the average American that is prospering for the first time in 30 years that those in the Republican party that back the President will win. That will assure at least 5 more seats in the Senate in 2020, and the House will have a comfortable R margin as well.

I’m sorry to say this – but the average American thinks that Democrats are psychotic, hateful, deranged, anti-American sleazeballs and have proven it constantly over the past 3 years. We are sick of being told what to say, what to think, when to walk, which way to turn, and asking for permission to breathe.


I am a baseball fan. One truism of replacing a pitcher who maybe isn’t doing great, is that you have to have someone better to put in. I was a Democrat my entire adult life until 9/11. In 2016, I cared about 4 main issues: First Amendment rights; Second Amendment rights; a secure border; and support for Israel. Hillary was 0-4. Trump was 4-4.

Where do YOU stand on those issues? And, what current candidate do you see that supports my four concerns? In answer to YOUR question, there is almost nothing DJT could do to alienate me as long as he stays firm on those four issues. When every single Democrat candidate raised xer hands for FREE health care for illegals, there is no alternative but DJT. Plus, oh yeah, also I love the guy!

And from The Babylon Bee.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Joe Biden has apologized for his recent seemingly racist comment, where he said that poor kids are sometimes as smart as white kids.

“Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a racist,” said Biden. “I even have a black friend, Barry. Smart, articulate guy.”

Aides were then seen signaling him to stop talking, but Biden pushed on.

“Rest assured,” Biden said. “I like all races, even the bad ones.”

Aides threw up their hands in exasperation.

“What? What’d I say?”

Media immediately jumped all over Biden’s comments, responding to his horrifying gaffe by calling on President Trump to resign.


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