Trump speech to UN

It’s 36 minutes long. Here is a report on the speech. Here’s a part of that speech.

“We are here to advance the common good while upholding our shared humanity and values,” the secretary general said. “That vision united the founders of our Organization.” However, Secretary General Guterres’ concept of the UN “vision” today is of a globalist institution, which was not the founders’ original vision at all. The founders’ vision for a new United Nations was much closer to the one that President Trump has articulated. The United Nations was founded to bring sovereign nations together for the purpose of cooperating in the solution of common problems and taking collective action where warranted against aggressors’ threats to international peace and security. The United Nations Charter specifically recognizes the sovereign status of the member states. It stipulates that the United Nations does not have the authority “to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.”

But if you have time, watch it through. It will also do very well as a re-election speech as well. It was also a warning to anyone thinks they might take the US on. This is a new form of diplomacy/ Puts it straight to the Chinese and invites Britain to leave the EU and join in a trade agreement with the US.

An incredible moral force. An astonishing speech.

And for another perspective on PDT as a diplomat, this is the transcript of his conversation with the President of the Ukraine. Not only no wrong-doing, much right-doing. He makes his enemies look smaller and more repulsive every day.

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