War of words, so far

On one side: Iran warns of ‘all-out war’ if US retaliates in wake of Saudi oil facility bombings.

And then the other: Trump warns Iran of ‘severe’ defeat if military conflict broke out.

This is the real thing. The Americans, or at least the American President does not want war. But if the Iranians, along with the Deep State, insist, they will have one. And if they do, I expect it to be over in a week with a lot of damage but not very many civilian casualties. But I’d still rather not have a war. Two Clauswitz quotes come to mind:

“Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat the enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war. Pleasant as it sounds, it is a fallacy that must be exposed: War is such a dangerous business that mistakes that come from kindness are the very worst.”

“Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. The difficulties accumulate and end by producing a kind of friction. This tremendous friction is everywhere in contact with chance, and brings about effects that cannot be measured, just because they are largely due to chance. Moreover, every war is rich in unique episodes.”

The only way the Democrats can win the next election is if the US enters a war which then goes badly. That is why the Deep State has brought us to this point.

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