Trumps’s strength is his style

Don’t know what to make of this: Trump’s Only Real Weakness Is His Style. Without his abrasive style, unwilling to let any criticism and insult go unanswered, where would he be. I actually like the punch-back-twice-as-hard style of politics, especially when the other side is filled with such moronic but highly dangerous fools.

I said in 2016 all the way through the election that he could win, in spite of the odds. Now I say that in 2020 that he could lose, in spite of how extraordinary he has been.

Nearly everyone takes everything for granted. And for most people, even if things change, they will usually only change slowly. But they do change, and often for the worse. I cannot believe how many there are out there who would like nothing better than to see PDT lose in 2020. I have zero regard for their political sense, even though some of them are amongst our best friends and close family.

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