If it’s not illegal to say it then it should be illegal to prevent it from being said

The post below is from August 29, 2018. I said it again a year later here. And now I will say it again. This is the problem. The people who run Facebook, Twitter and Google are some of the most powerful people I know, although there is no doubt about their sincerity in trying to make a ton of money, but more to the point, in also doing all they can to suppress opinions on the right they do not agree with. It would not make any difference which side of the political divide they happened to be on in seeing a fault in their program, but in this case they happen to be on the left. As in every institution of the left, if you disagree with what they think, they will prevent you from putting your views into the public arena if they can stop you. I am at a loss that anyone who believes in free speech should not see this point. If the point is instead some form of misguided right to private property, then I cannot even begin to see your point, since property is regulated at every turn. These platforms arose as a promise to connect people up with each other so millions across the world signed on. And once millions sign on, it’s like the phone company. The service is then not private and individual, but the promise to connect each customer up to their friends and associates. Now they tell us that they will only connect some people, and if they don’t like what you say – legal though it is – they won’t make the connection. They have thus first broken the law by running a platform and then second, by lying to their customers by misrepresenting the product they offered. If you want to leave them without government intervention, you will need a much much stronger case than any I have seen so far. The rest is from a year ago.


Trying to find a positive story about PDT that is a week old on Google is often impossible. Sometime Duck Duck Go will allow me to access what I know is there, but sometime not. Google is virtually a certainty to be a dry well. Saying things on Facebook and Twitter that offend the left can get you shut down. From the above story, taken from Drudge:

Trump: Facebook, Twitter, Google are ‘treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful’

  • Trump said in a tweet that Google’s search engine had “rigged” news story search results to show mostly “bad” stories about him and other conservatives. He later criticized Facebook and Twitter.
  • He says Google is prioritizing left-leaning outlets and warns that the situation “will be addressed.”
  • The president’s comments come a week before Google, Facebook and Twitter testify before Congress.
  • Larry Kudlow, Trump’s economic advisor, says the White House is “looking into” whether Google suppresses positive articles about the president.

News stories about Australia are usually findable since Google probably doesn’t care what we read. But they do care about what Americans read and prevent what they can from showing up in those narrow corridors inhabited by the wilfully ignorant. Try this story: China reportedly hacked Hillary Clinton’s home server and read all her emails, FBI agent Peter Strzok yawned. It begins:

This is from the Daily Caller because the mainstream media won’t pick up on it until they can figure out a way to say that China only did this at the behest of Russia and Trump.

Now simply routine for stories not to appear in the mainstream media and to disappear from various search engines in no time flat.

What to do is a hard issue since it is clear that an unbiased media would wipe the left out. The truth may set you free, but where will you find it if bias, distortion and fake news are your bread and butter?

AND NOW THIS: Facebook blocks ad for upcoming Diamond and Silk ‘Dummycrats’ movie ridiculing Pelosi, Waters.

FB&T must reckon they are beyond any chance of being made to play by the rules of being an open platform available to anyone. And they may be right, but they might also be wrong. They are certainly tempting fate.

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