What does Jordan Peterson get right?

Great answer at Quora to a stupid question from Harry Quinlan, “Husband, Father, Engineer, Undergraduate Bullsh*t Detector”


Here are a few things:


  1. Sociology & Psychology is dominated by a mix of left, far left and Marxists & there is a Female majority – Thus there is a considerable amount of Group-Think that infects their studies and reports such that the conclusions are not sound and the data is not repeatable.[1]
  2. Gender differences are only partially socially constructed and Men and Women differ in preferences. Men prefer things (e.g. Engineering), Women prefer people (e.g. Medecine).
  3. Sociologists might say that the gender difference in preference is small BUT Peterson is still right because that small shift in the curve matters. If a Sociologist denies this, it can only be because it does not suit their Ideology or they are ignorant of how Standard Distributions work. (e.g. Men are slightly more physically violent than Women but that small difference is enough such that nearly all of the most violent people are Men, Women’s small difference in preference for people is sufficient to explain why so many more Women than Men are in teaching, nursing, etc.)
  4. Where Men and Women have MOST equality in the world (Sweden) Gender Difference in preference is stronger. This backs up what Peterson is saying and makes the Social Constructionists & Radical Feminists very unhappy because it is the opposite of what they were expecting.
  5. Petersons detractors are mostly forced to attack HIM rather than what he is saying because they would lose the debate in any rational forum.
  6. Young men are in trouble these days because they lack the support services that young women have and many are afflicted with the messages of shame and “privilege” that come from the radical feminist position where gender bashing is the main sport. This can be measured in many ways, suicide rates, educational outcomes, employment opportunities, incarceration. New economic & educational data is now skewed in favour of young women. This would come as a shock to many feminists who have been brainwashed in the opposite position since they were very young.
  7. If you asked most Women what the gender pay gap is they would say ~17% or more in favour of Men. This is an aberration of statistics that left-wing Sociologists conveniently ignore because they would not be able to justify their claims of a Patriarchy, Male dominance and a glass ceiling. Young women under 40 in the UK (for example) are doing just as well as men. It is mostly when they are older & have children that the pay gap appears. Again, this would shock most people of a feminist persuasion. The data on this can be hard to find because it is not ideologically or politically correct.

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