It’s not class warfare, it’s pig ignorance

The ALP is just daring us to elect them, but if we do, it won’t be as if we weren’t warned: Shorten divides to conquer in class-warfare attacks:

Bill Shorten has intensified his ­attack on retirees, property investors, big business and the wealthy in a speech on the eve of the election, as both sides warned of a tightening contest in an ­implicit message to voters not to deliver the third minority government in Australia in just 10 years.

In a rally cry designed to lock in Labor’s base, with an estimated 10 per cent of voters yet to decide who they will support, the Opposition Leader used his final campaign pitch to a gathering of party faithful to draw even greater contrast between Labor and the “vested interests” of the Liberal Party.

But it was deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek who launched the most strident assault on those she described as “tax dodgers” and multiple homeowners.

“Will it be the big banks and tax dodgers, or teachers and nurses? Will it be people who own six houses already, or young couples buying their first home. Will it be the people who want a refund on tax they haven’t paid, or pensioners who need dental care?

“Who do we want to win the day on Saturday? The sceptics, the deniers, the flat earthers when it comes to climate change or the farmers and the families who want to protect our environment?”

Everyone who rents an apartment, a flat or a house is renting from a “multiple homeowner”. What would either of them know about protecting the environment that anyone living on the land does not already know ten times more than they do? The ALP preys on ignorance and envy and a false sense of fairness. They are the very kind of politician who led Venezuela into the abyss it now finds itself in and from which it may never emerge. Voting ALP is all risk and no gain.

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