Après nous le déluge

It’s about when my generation disappears in the next few years: After the Boomers Are Gone, the Bloodshed Begins. It’s not that we have been so fantastic that what follows will be a disaster because they won’t be able to maintain what we left behind. It is what we have done that means that the world that follows will be a disaster, disorder will rule. It’s our fault as well. Here’s the start; you can then read it all for yourself.

The Boomer Age is drawing to its close. When one speaks of this group, it tends to mostly focus on white Boomers (not that others are outside the group, but to such a great extent, it really does mean those of mostly European background, if for no other reason than they have been the largest demographic group). When that age does end, we will see an ever dwindling European demographic majority in many Western nations (Canada and the USA are almost certainly the first, soon followed by a variety of European nations). That significant point of majority will be fading, as the numbers precipitously drop until below 50%. The question looming then is, what is next? Will it be the glorious Brave New World of harmonious multiculturalism or an uneasy balkanization that trends ever more to tribalism and violence? Based on existing evidence and studies, I believe that it will be closer to the latter.

Will just finish off with the author’s bio:

Cam’s a married father of three. Born and raised in Canada, he currently lives on the left coast of Canada, notorious for its milder winters and liberal thinking. He’s a university-educated educator, blogger, former generally indifferent employee within the financial sector, and failed musician. A Christian of what has usually been termed politically conservative leanings, he prefers to be labeled a realist at this time, mostly for lack of a better term, as too often conservatives have been little more than slow-motion liberals.

You might also read the thread at Lucianne.com where the article was found. The optimists are the ones who think they will be able to defend their way of life. The realists are the ones who see a Dark Age coming.

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