Is our luck coming to an end?

An article about us with the ominous title, The Once-Lucky Country. You really need to read it for yourself, but essentially the argument is that Australians have developed the same pathologies found in the United States and Britain and they are rapidly taking us on a downward slide.

Over the last decade Australia’s luck has changed, as the country develops many of the pathologies of crowded, socially divided societies like the United Kingdom or the United States. Despite being highly dependent on resource sales to China—largely coal, gas, oil, and iron ore—Australia has embraced green domestic politics more associated with Manhattan liberals or Silicon Valley oligarchs than the prototypical unpretentious Aussie, often someone dependent on resource-based industries. The result: a dramatic reversal of the middle-class uplift that so long defined Australian society.

It is those pseduo-sophisticates like Malcolm and other dimwits of the same caste who follow the fashions of the Northern Hemisphere elites. A country which cannot do anything whatsoever to stop global warming insists on more than pulling its weight. Meanwhile we have bought into the apparent blessings of diversity as a way to help bind the nation together. I will take you to the final para but it bears reading it all. Seems accurate enough and depressing.

Today, many Australians face an uncharacteristically bleak future. Urged to settle where the planners and pundits prefer, they’re stuck in places both unaffordable and inhospitable, as part of a needless governmental drive to make life there more like that of the more congested, socially riven metropoles of Britain, the U.S., or China. What’s at stake are many of the long-established pleasures of life Down Under.

This is still the best country in the world in which to live. Although nothing lasts forever, it would be preferable if we could make it last a lot lot longer.

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