An absence of love recession

To accompany my post on The Lie of the Century there is now this complementary post: The Happiness Recession which has this sub-head:

Today’s young adults are replacing church and marriage with friendships. But there’s one thing for which they have no substitute.

Here’s the core of the story.

The United States is in the middle of a “sex recession.” Nowhere has this sex recession proved more consequential than among young adults, especially young men. Some academics and journalists have now begun grumbling about what they are calling a “moral panic” about the decline in young-adult sex. Before the 2018 data came out, the Daily suggested that the decline in sex was modest, and the sociologist Daniel Carlson claimed that the amount of sex one has “is a weak predictor of how satisfied you are with your sex life.” More important than frequency, the argument went, is the quality of your sexual relationship.

Being from a time before the Sexual Revolution I can see plain as day what has gone wrong. Once, a date, every date, even at 13 or 14, was an interview towards a lifetime together in a single monogamous marriage that included children of one’s own. At 13-14 it was just a trial run, but never involved actual sexual activity. Sexual relations in virtually all instances only came with real genuine commitment on both sides.

And then, after the pill became common, and with the publication of the Just Do It Playboy Philosophy, everyone just did it, so why, exactly get married. And then feminist philosophy that filled women with resentment because boys treated girls like, pardon the expression, but like girls and not boys. So here we are, and as the video below shows, there is not the slightest clue what has gone wrong, because the issue is not a “sex” recession, but an “absence of love” recession.

How to fix it is an unknown, but stories like this take us farther away while The Lie of the Century explains the problem but does not tell us what to do.

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