Minding your A’s and T’s

I reckon at this point the election looks about even. The Coalition, bless their hearts, are finally again moving towards the A-list of conservative policies. Towards self-reliance as the central means of running our lives, away from global warming hysteria, and border protection. The Libs are scraping out the vestiges of their T-for-Toxic remnants, who are holding less sway and are reducing in numbers. You can see there is a battle going on between the A faction and the T faction, but just in time, and not before time, the A faction has moved ahead.

Meanwhile, the ALP has opted for socialism, Green New Deals and Open Borders, a deadly combination that if implemented would ruin Australia and make it unrecognisable. There may really be a constituency for all this, but there is the strong possibility that we are not yet so far gone that we will go down that road.

The “A”s have knocked off the “T”s just in time. We shall see soon enough how it all works out.

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