“We have abandoned the enlightenment values that built Western civilisation”

Linked to by Rafe, but I have a more positive take. Watch it for yourself. Liked all the comments, but this one from Antipostmodernism was more complete.

Jordan Peterson would say something like this. We should focus more on our own personal development and worry less about out tribal affiliations which can represent the road to hell. Excessive tribalism is like an arms race where we fall into the trap of letting envy and resentment overwhelm our agency to shape our lives, and on a larger scale civilisation is doomed if we can’t accommodate each others needs and wants to a reasonable degree. Individualism is selfish but that’s more good than bad because it means that we have a more depoliticised environment which means less conflict. We become wise enough to blame ourselves or nature for our failures and are energised to learn and be productive. Liberal democracy and capitalism are objectively the best preconditions for us to thrive and the identity politics that has taken hold in the West is childish decadence that abandons enlightenment rationality and casts us back onto a pathway to hell as both individuals and collective humanity.

Liked this comment as well.

The White Man’s Burden is being laid down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Western Civilisation.

Custody of its values simply being handed over to Asians. Tiger mums understand well the value of Western Civilisation, and are installing its values in their children. In response, the enemies of Western Civilisation are already attacking them, e.g. “Asian privilege”. But I doubt these attacks will get very far, and that gives me hope.

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