Where can one go to find out the facts?

From Instapundit but as usual, the greater interest is in the comments. This is the post:

THEY ARE DESTROYING THEMSELVES WITH TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, AND EVEN THE ATLANTIC HAS NOTICED:The Media Botched the Covington Catholic Story. And the damage to their credibility will be lasting. “The full video reveals that these kids had wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel and had no idea how to get out of it.”

As have we all. Well, I have some idea.

And below are a pair of comments which are right on the money. The first comment goes with the video.

“He said that SM was designed to reward pathological behavior. The longer people are conditioned to produce tweets or posts that generate likes, the lower they go and eventually can never recover from the dissonance of the real world versus the matrix. He estimated that 1 billion are as good as lost in the matrix. I wonder how many of that billion are right here in the US. The dilemma is how does one treat “conditioned” depression – – treating addictions is easy compared to treating the brainwashed narcissist.”

The leftist in the media believe they are telling the truth. They saw 30 seconds to 2 minutes of the Covington tape. The subjects were young men, white, from a private Catholic High School protesting for life and wearing MAGA hats! 100% pure hated deplorables. Their truth, these kids are 100% monsters. They were confronted in pure leftist agitprop, by a Native American activist, banging a drum. 100% loved by leftist media. Nothing more to write. Jurnolists are indoctrinated leftists, the only truth is their own, nothing to do with context or facts. Their audience, the same people who watch Colbert, the other members on their social and work groups. They work for liberal executives and get ad spend from most firms in deep blue America. They never get protest, they get favorable press coverage. Their behavior won’t change, not without ramifications.

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