Sanctimonious, gullible, ignorant, vicious and cruel

Suppose there are two ways to generate electricity, one cheap and the other expensive. Which is better? All other things being equal, you go for the cheaper.

But suppose things are not equal. Suppose if you choose the cheaper form of energy, that in fifty years there might be a rise in atmospheric temperatures that might lead to a rise in sea levels that might cause harm in some kind of way. Being the socially conscious nitwits so many amongst us apparently are, we decide to do what’s right for those folk who will inherit the planet after most of us have departed.

But the other question is, what price do we pay in the present for opting for the more expensive electricity? The answer is that we end up with a lower standard of living. Everything costs more, prices are higher, we cannot buy as much and our incomes are less than they would otherwise have been. There are also brownouts and blackouts as energy supply becomes less secure while the price of energy rises ensuring that we buy less than we might otherwise have done. But we are acting with a noble purpose. We make ourselves less well off to perhaps help out those who will be living on the planet earth around the year 2070. In the meantime we in the present struggle to pay for what we buy, and the poor in particular have a much harder time making ends meet. Rather than finding their incomes rising by 3-4% a year, they fall in real terms by around 1-2% a year relative to the levels that might otherwise have been reached.

And that is in our currently developed economies. Over there in the less prosperous parts of the planet, incomes remain static if they do not actually fall. And if they rise, they might go from $2 a day to $3 a day, a 50% increase but trivial relative to the living standards of the first world. So for you sanctimonious fools, this is what you are doing. This is what you deprive others of.

And that is only one small part of the story. Greens are not just gullible fools and deeply ignorant but viciously cruel as well.

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