Hard to work out which of our ex-PMs is the worst but here’s a contender

As a so-called student of history, he could not be more clueless about the actual and relevant history of the Cold War and Joe McCarthy than if he were a student in any Australian classroom today. Here’s the relevant text:

(Xinhua reporter): “You mentioned the possibility of a ‘new’ McCarthyism in the United States. Where could it emerge from? From the White House, from the Congress, form the Cabinet level, from the academy, or just from the local level?”

(Ex-Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd (born 9/21/1957): “On the question of McCarthyism, I am quite passionate on this question, because not just am I a student of history, and seen what happened in the (19)50s in this country, when Joe McCarthy ran riot, and when you had a period where anyone who had once been in a room with a Communist, was automatically the subject to a series of frankly open persecutions judicially sanctioned in this country. …[W]e should be able to entertain a debate therefore in this country and in mine about our own national security interest, domestic and external, without inviting the demons of racism and ideological ‘witch trials’ into the public court”

Meanwhile from The Weekend Australian.

China’s Huawei has tabled a plan to build a massive undersea internet cable stretching from South America to China with a stop-off in Sydney, which experts warn could be an espionage risk.

Australia spent nearly $137 million to lock Huawei out of a major Pacific undersea cable project linking Sydney, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea because of national security fears, as well as its new 5G network.

The move has ricocheted across the globe, with Australia’s Five Eyes partners Britain, Canada and New Zealand all moving to reconsider Huawei’s involvement in their telecommunications networks and reports yesterday that Japan would follow suit.

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