Super Grand Solar Minimum “confirmed”

The global warming crowd are monsters of idiocy and danger. No forecast ever turns out as stated except as a complete fluke. Sometimes Number 32 really does come up on the roulette wheel. But why stake your future on those kinds of odds? Via Instapundit:

HMM: Professor Valentina Zharkova Breaks Her Silence and CONFIRMS “Super” Grand Solar Minimum.

Even if you believe the IPCC’s worst case scenario, Zharkova’s analysis blows any ‘warming’ out of the water.

Lee Wheelbarger sums it up: even if the IPCC’s worst case scenarios are seen, that’s only a 1.5 watts per square meter increase. Zharkova’s analysis shows a 8 watts per square meter decrease in TSI to the planet.

Forget the arguments, debates and attempts to win over AGW alarmists — and just prepare.

Assuming this is true — maybe it is — how would you prepare? We should be developing fast-growing and frost-tolerant strains of important food crops, suitable for short growing seasons, right? What else?

Just build those coal-fired power plants, and build them now!

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