A dangerous sense of victimhood

The US has a history of black slavery so are trying to think through even now their relationship with black Americans. We have no such history and any black crime beyond the norm is the result of a misplaced kindness in an effort to help those who are escaping from a war zone. But there is no reason to wreck our community to help someone else who seem incapable of being helped. From Andrew Bolt.

The Age
The Age


The Age  makes a fool of the new Race Discrimination Commissioner with its story placement.

Chin Tan creates a straw man to silence discussion on ethnic crime:

It is not helpful, and is in fact highly misleading and counter-productive, to frame Melbourne’s problems with crime as a problem with African Australian communities.

In fact, nobody I know has ever said all Melbourne’s crime problems are due to African Australians.

What some have said, however, is the truth: that Sudanese and Somalis have a very high rate of offending, which raises the question: why bring in so many as refugees when some Australians then pay such a high price?

Indeed, right next to the Age‘s report of Tan recklessly feeding the dangerous sense of victimhood of some African communities are two more reports involving African Australians.

One is a tribute to a restaurateur killed by a Somali-born terrorist (a fact that the report omits, no doubt to the satisfaction of Tan).

The second report:

A 19-year-old has been beaten over the head with a metal pole during a violent armed robbery in south-west Melbourne.

Four people wearing masks forced their way into a fast food restaurant on Fitzgerald Road in Laverton around 3.20am on Tuesday…

The offenders were described as being of African appearance.

Here are some other recent crimes which Chin Tan would not doubt prefer not be mentioned at all.


Two men have been bashed and robbed by a group of three attackers at night near Dandenong Market.

A 29-year-old victim was “seriously assaulted” during the robbery on Clow Street about 11.30pm on Saturday 27 October, Greater Dandenong CIU police say.

His passport and phone were stolen from his pockets…

The three male robbers were described as of African appearance.


Two teenage boys have been patted down and robbed by a carload of males while walking on Jesson Crescent, Dandenong.

Four males got out of a silver Toyota Corolla after it pulled up alongside the 15-year-old boys about 9pm on Thursday 1 November.

They demanded property, patted down the boys and then stole their personal items.

The two victims were assaulted on the footpath and against the fence of a Ross Street property. They were not injured.

The robbers were described as African appearance.

Pakenham, last week:

A MAN has been stomped and strangled during a vicious daylight attack in Pakenham yesterday.

Witnesses looked on in horror as a group of about eight people, described as African in appearance, bashed the man and stole his phone on James St shortly before 7pm.

Local mum Leisel was driving to the shops when she saw the group “stomping and strangling” a man sprawled on the ground…

“It was total chaos — one or two strangling, three or four kicking into him; a few bashing and hurting him.”

Leisel said the group of thugs took off with the man’s phone when they saw witnesses calling the police.

Consider, just 0.14 per cent of Victorians were born in Sudan:

The 2017 annual survey of young people involved with Youth Justice indicated that 19 per cent of young people detained on remand or under sentence were from an African background. Of these, the majority were from South Sudan, followed by a small number from Ethiopia and Somalia respectively

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