Rude and horrible

Begins with the exchange with the reporter from CNN. An incredible lack of respect for the President and of the office of the presidency. And the farther into the media conference you go, the more incredible the rudeness is. But the straightforward and undeniable fact is that the President answered the questions he was asked – two of them from Jim Acosta – but the media were annoyed that he defended his position without actually giving them anything to report negatively on. And Acosta does indeed hit the young girl on the arm when she reaches for the microphone.

Here for completeness are the two questions Acosta asked:

Why did you characterise it as as invasion?
Do you think you demonise immigrants?

Acosta has now had his White House pass taken at least temporarily. This is the slow motion replay of Acosta hitting the arm of the intern as she reached for the mike.

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