My first take on the American election result

I spent the afternoon in the company of like-minded friends watching the results and these are my first thoughts.

There has been a shift in the momentum away from the #NeverTrump and the Democrats so that there is a clearer ideological path that has been opened for Trump and what he represents. The Democrats have taken the House but for them it will be a double-edged sword. They will be able to make massive nuisances of themselves, and get in the way of the kinds of things PDT wants to do. They will be like a hundred Muellers that will throw their poisoned darts at what has been shown to be an active and very much alive force for the salvation of the American way of life and our own as well. They will have the forum available to them to create damage and harm, but they will also be dealing with someone who knows how to create damage and harm to them.

The media will go on as before, but the novelty of their stupidity and negativism will now be met with a renewed will to resist. The Democrats lost every close contest that mattered, and while some of their more vile members made it through, they have taken a pounding. A party whose most visible relic is Nancy Pelosi, and for whom the new wave consists of far-left fools like Occasio-Cortez, will find it hard to take the actual policy fight up to Donald Trump. The Democrats have nothing to offer other than protection for abortion rights and a life of empty poverty for their welfare-dependent constituency. It is a story that has already gone cold and will look colder still in two years’ time.

It is all in all a disappointing result since it is hard to break through against the entrenched socialist-welfare mentality of the left and their media phalanx. Money-for-nothing is a vote winner for many, but if Trump works out how to explain to those who are footing the bill for these astonishingly expensive forms of government outlay, there is a real possibility that a new coalition of the productive and self-reliant might emerge. That is the hope everywhere. I am not optimistic that our way of life will survive the treasonous efforts of the left, but I at least see a way forward that has been etched out by the election result in the US.

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