Watching the red tsunami in good company

I received a note a week or so back which had as its core message:

I’m hoping you can recommend an event in Sydney where I can share the enjoyment of watching the red tsunami on November 7 with others who “get it”.

I have tried to think about where one might go and have no idea. I know where I am going in Melbourne, but that’s just me and that is here.

If you are in Australia, it will all begin happening starting in the morning of Wednesday 7 November, since the election takes place on the sixth in the US and the results start coming in around 10:00 am our time on the seventh.

And no more than in 2016 can I be sure of who will win. The Senate is likely to shift towards the Republicans but the House is the issue. You do want to be with others of a like mind to watch if you can. How anyone can vote Democrat is beyond me, but seems to be the case, and they may even be half the votes (which is not necessarily the same as half the registered voters).

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