Our successor generations will despise us

Our way of life has been fantastic for those of us who have had the privilege of living within it. Our successor generations will despise us. More fool them as they are swamped by uneducated and uneducatable hordes who will tear down and destroy everything we have created. These are comments on a thread at Instapundit where whiteness and free markets are identified as the backward traits. Not by them, but by our educated classes.

Evidently, the following government-school textbook isn’t history but prognostication.

Making Europe: People, Politics and Culture (Houghton Mifflin)

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    It’s happening all over. Here, for example, is what DuckDuckGo images returns for the search term “American Inventors”:


    Here are the results for “American Couple”:


    And so on it goes.

    I know. And in multiple disciplines. The achievements of any non-whites are being touted as historical, even when they are quite minor.

    And I’ve noticed that the proportion of multi-racial couples in television advertising is well beyond representative.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that so-called “white” culture isn’t under attack is blind as a bat.

    Re your comment on the ridiculously disproportionate appearance of multi-racial couples in advertising, it’s a world wide phenomenon. I live in Australia, where the number of people of African origin is miniscule. Yet our current crop of TV advertisements includes someone of African appearance in around 25% of adverts. Diversity Derangement Syndrome!

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