If the left could actually fulfil their promises they would never lose an election

I guess with compulsory voting, no one will be discouraged from going out to vote no matter how pessimistic they might feel. So in Australia, I guess this can’t hurt that much: Sharma will likely lose: Morrison.

I realise those who vote for a living, or have relos parked somewhere near some leaky fishing boat offshore, might see such an outcome as all right. Anyway, a wrap up from Maurice Newman about how things stand: Bob Hawke rebuff burdened Libs with a LINO. Here’s part of what he wrote:

In the six weeks since his resignation, Turnbull has yet to offer Scott Morrison or his Wentworth successor, Dave Sharma, any formal electoral support. In fact, apart from a congratulatory tweet, he has yet to even publicly endorse Sharma.

According to Sharri Markson in The Daily Telegraph: “Dissatisfied with the outcome of a new-look government getting on with the job, Turnbull is now trying to force the issue and facilitate the downfall of the Liberal government. There have been leaks designed to damage Morrison from Turnbull’s closest confidants . . . .”

This vindictiveness has become a family affair.

Son Alex Turnbull is encouraging voters to put their money on Labor in the lead-up to the by-election, re-tweeting a post by candidate Tim Murray instructing people to donate. As he sees it: “My father fought the stupid and the stupid won.”

And if the Turnbulls’ scorched-earth policy is not handicap enough, Sharma has been ­attacked by another LINO, former federal leader John Hewson. He wants electors of Wentworth to register a substantial protest vote against the government “or any other candidates that don’t understand the magnitude and urgency of the climate change challenge”. Hewson is a global-warming activist and a renewable-energy investor, yet rather than speak from this platform, he artfully chooses to abuse his Liberal Party credentials to inflict maximum political pain on Sharma.

The Wentworth aspirant must wonder: with Liberals such as Hewson and the Turnbulls, who needs enemies?

I will just add that if the left could actually fulfil their promises, they would never lose an election. But they can’t, so they eventually do lose, but until then they create serious havoc and harm.

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