“With all my love, Eve”

How I keep up with both sides of the political divide is through my moronic ex-friend in California, the one working in Silicon Valley who owns three Mercedes and a Porsche. Never a personal word in any of his near 1000 emails he has sent me with excerpts from all the unusual suspects. This one today is from Time: A Letter to White Women Who Support Brett Kavanaugh, written by:

Eve Ensler a Tony-winning playwright activist and author of The Vagina Monologues. She founded both V-Day, a global movement dedicated to ending violence against women, and the One Billion Rising campaign.

She joins the millions on her side who could not care less about whether Christine Blasey Ford is a liar or was telling the truth. Evidence and corroborating detail are nothing to her. Since no one is in favour of violence other than used in self defence, this is fantastically stupid, but also reveals the mind-set of these people:

On Oct. 2, I watched the President of the United States mock a woman who had recounted the trauma of being sexually assaulted in front of the world, on live television. And as he did so, a recent poll rattled around my head. The survey found that, while white men regularly supported Kavanaugh the most, white women also did so significantly more than Hispanic or black people overall. For example, 45% of white women said Kavanaugh should be confirmed, compared to 30% of Hispanic people and 11% of black people. Like so much of these recent weeks, it made me reflect. But even more so, it made me want to write to those women. Not lecture them. Not denigrate them. Just simply to speak to them directly and to try to explain my feelings.

You can read her open letter for yourself at the link, but among all the false notes, how it ended was the worst.

With all my love,


The fact is that it is people like her who are delegitimising accusations of rape by weaponising such accusations in such a political way. No one any longer believes that CBF was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is a scandal of the highest order and ought to make her and others using this trope deeply ashamed at what they have done.

THE FINE-FISCH INDEX ADDENDUM: This is the personal index I use based on the number of emails I am sent in a day which depend on whatever is around that can be scraped off the floor that is critical of PDT. I call it the Fine-Fisch Index based on his name, but anyone who knew him in the old days would see the connection. But here is the real point. Unlike the other side, there is some interest in reading what they write, if only just to gauge how insane they are. So here are the other links from today.

A Supreme Violation: Republicans want to ram Kavanaugh through no matter how many women object.

1,500 Law Professors Opposing Kavanaugh Took Issue With This Aspect Of His Testimony

Washington Post Editorial: Vote ‘No’ Kavanaugh

Here Are The People The FBI Didn’t Ask About Brett Kavanaugh

However this was never an issue: The Choom Gang: President Obama’s pot-smoking high school days detailed in Maraniss book.

This never seemed to matter to anyone, and as far as it goes, that was the least of the reasons I didn’t want to see him as President. But for these people to be going on about character based on Kavanaugh’s apparently prodigious beer drinking capacity when he was the quarterback for his high school football team shows a lack of self-awareness that is prodigious in itself. They don’t just lie to the rest of us; they lie to themselves. Like everyone on the left, they are beyond reason. Unlike this ridiculous Eve Ensler, pretending to wish to find some accommodation with people on the other side, the reality is that they are immune to debate and discussion. They never, and I do mean never, argue, as in you have said that and in return I say this. And the reason is they have nothing left to add to the conversation, which is why it is they who resort to violence from the very start. Dangerous times.

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