Republicans, and the right in general, lack the will to fight it out

Here’s a para from a particularly repulsive online article in which Trump is being accused of jeopardising the House and Senate races in November. Its title: There’s No Escaping Trump.

I write at a particularly bad moment for the Trump presidency. His approval has taken a hit from Omarosa, Cohen, Manafort, the McCain funeral, Bob Woodward, and “Anonymous” of the New York Times. Because Trump’s numbers are like a water balloon—they tend always to reflate to the low- to mid-40s—there is the real possibility that he recovers his position by Election Day and the GOP is able to stave off the worst. He pulled it together in the final days of election 2016, barnstorming the country with verve, stamina, and humor. He could do so again.

And just who among the Republicans has defended the president against “Omarosa, Cohen, Manafort, the McCain funeral, Bob Woodward, and ‘Anonymous’ of the New York Times”? These are not scandals. The president has not done something that is hard to defend against. These are nothing but attacks on the president by his enemies. Each of these should be straightforward opportunities to stand up against stupidity and malevolence and to defend Donald Trump.

Any “Republican” who finds these kinds of things hard to oppose in public are closet leftists who found a sinecure in a party on the right but have no understanding of what is required if our way of life is to survive. Here’s a shortlist of what it requires to be on the right in today’s political world:

  • strongest imaginable support for closed borders to self-selected migrants
  • defence of Western culture and our way of life
  • deep scepticism on man-made global warming that is accompanied by the strongest opposition to all efforts to ruin one’s own economy to fix this non-existent problem
  • full and unequivocal support for free enterprise and opposition to crony capitalist ventures funded by governments
  • support for a strengthening of national defence against foreign aggression with a focus on keeping international sea lanes open.

If you are not signed up in full to all of these you are a sellout to the left. All of these are part of PDT’s own agenda. Anyone who calls themselves a Republican for whom these are not part of their agenda needs to explain why.

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