Just in case the evidence mattered

Global Temperatures Drop Back To 2002 Levels
Arctic Sea Ice Back To 2007 Levels

From here

Global temperatures fell back to 0.19C in August. This means the year to date (YTD) average is 0.23C, putting them back to roughly where they were in 2002. —Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That, 2 September 2018 

Summer is over, and Greenland’s surface has gained 510 billion tons of ice over the past year – about 40% above normal. Last year Greenland gained a little more ice, about 50% above normal. Last year, the Danish Meteorological Institute reported on the gain in ice, and blamed it on Hurricane Nicole. I wonder what their excuse will be this year? —The Deplorable Climate Science Blog, 31 August 2018 

Arctic sea ice is on pace to be close to last year and above those minima observed in 2015 and 2016. —Ron Clutz, Science Matters, 31 August 201 

To which may be added this.

How Climate Policies Slam the World’s Poor

A new study has found that strong global climate action would cause far more hunger and food insecurity than climate change itself. Models suggest that climate change could put an extra 24 million people at risk of hunger. But a global carbon tax would increase food prices and push 78 million more people into risk of hunger, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and India.

Lomborg argues in New York Post that if we want to eradicate hunger, there are more effective ways, such as a global trade deal. And we need to get smarter about climate change, too, focussing on more investment into green energy R&D

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