My agenda for our new government

This is the agenda for the new government.

1) Balanced Budgets, Easing of Business Regulations and a Sharp Reduction in Public Spending

Modern macro, that teaches that spending, of itself, is the basis for economic growth, higher employment and rising wages is not just wrong, but if you think about it, cannot possibly be true. Spending on non-value-adding projects lowers real incomes and uses up our capital base in producing output with less value than the resources that have been used up. Governments should of course continue to offer welfare, but the fact that not everything can be afforded should be at the very forefront of every policy declaration. The fact of the matter is that governments are very poor at choosing which projects to back and their management of any form of investment is wildly profligate. The greater the level of public sector “investment” the more slowly the economy will grow and the slower the improvement in public welfare and real earnings.

2) Not Just Forget About Paris but there should be an Active Return to Fossil Fuels and Perhaps Even the Introduction of Nuclear Power

Climate change is a theory with very little evidence of its validity. To base our power generation on some madcap idea that we will be saving the planet at some unknown date in the future by savaging our industry, raising the cost of production in Australia and lowering our standard of living is a form of masochistic economic suicide that should be ended right now.

3) Sharp Reduction Migration Numbers

Irrespective of where migrants may originate, we cannot keep bringing in the numbers we are importing, even if every one of them began to work the day they arrived. Our infrastructure is not designed for the massive numbers who are coming to Australia to share in our wealth. It is with certainty that during the short- to medium-term, migrants reduce our per capital standard of living. We have a very tiny number of jobs that cannot be filled domestically by our existing population, and even then the price mechanism will efficiently sort out where our labour should go, and will do this by raising real wages. Migrant numbers keep real wage growth low, partly because of the competition provided by these additional numbers, and partly because migrants use up resources that they have not themselves contributed to the production of themselves.

4) Migration including the Taking of Refugees Must be Based on Cultural Compatibility of Potential Migrants with our Existing Population

Not every person who wishes to come to Australia has either the skill base to join our workforce or the cultural traits that will allow them to fit into out communities, even assuming that is what they wish to do. The international evidence of cultural incompatibilities is overwhelming. So is the domestic evidence.

5) Continue to Stop the Boats

This is The Coalition’s big strength. Not only must this continue, but more pressure must be put on Labor to stake out what they would do. You cannot trust the ALP on this, and this needs to be a big part of what is done to alert the community to the differences between the political philosophies of our major parties. Nor is it even a sign of compassion on their part. They do this to bring in voting numbers. It is political power that is sought and nothing else.

6) Defence of Western Civilisation

We are part of Western Civilisation, whose major traits include a degree of tolerance found in no other civilisation on the planet. We are a community that evolves through innovation and open discussion of which free speech is only one element but an essential one. We should make sure everyone who lives in our community understands and values the heritage from which the West has risen.

There is more to it than this, but this is where they should start.

1 thought on “My agenda for our new government

  1. Your agenda admirably stands athwart the ruling zeitgeist. It is one of the more regrettable oversights of the Trump Administration that so little effort — no effort? — is expended upon America’s monstrous debt.

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