Tony Abbott for Prime Minister

I just spent the afternoon re-reading Tony Abbott’s outstanding Battlelines, his 2009 tract on political philosophy. It reads better now than when it was first published.

We are about to have a race between three mediocrities to replace a non-entity, with Tony standing on the sidelines. The Libs have a proven vote winner who was sandbagged from his first day in office by an incompetent Minister who wanted the job for himself, and when he had it, drove the party into the ground. Now there will be one more try to get it right.

Abbott understands the major policy issues of our time, and he stands on the right side of history. Not everyone will see this as a positive, but he is our Donald Trump. The left hates him, and rightly, because he sees through everything they have tried to do and wish to do. The left are the party of Venezuela, decay and ruin. Tony Abbott, with a cabinet onside with his fundamental liberal-conservative philosophy, is far and away the best hope we have for renewal, growth, prosperity and freedom.

Tony, please run. And as for the rest of you in the party, restore as your leader the only person in Parliament with the stature, the knowledge and now the deeper understanding of politics to lead.

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