A reading list of original and influential liberal thinkers

This just arrived in my inbox and may be of interest. The question asked is who among the great liberal philosophers should be included in a course on Western Civilisation.

Dear colleagues and friends,
For the 175th anniversary editor of The Economist is launching Open Future, an initiative to discuss liberal values and policies in the 21st century.
I have just crossed this online article about a series on influential liberal thinkers and some critics. It explicitly asks readers to diversify its preliminary list by submitting further suggestions: 
This may interest some of you.

“Liberal”, as the article notes, is now a much contested term. This is what The Economist writes:

The definition of liberalism has long been the source of disagreement. The very term has come to mean “progressive” in the United States, whereas in Britain it has kept its older meaning of being respectful of individual freedom and the wisdom that can be drawn from free thought and open debate.

Once liberalism was invaded by the Fabians, I’m not sure all that much of its original meaning remains, but with Jordan Peterson and others like him prowling about, who knows what the future might bring.

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