Quality journalism

I turned to the opinion page in The Australian and for a change four articles that not only could I read through to the end, but could agree with them all. In alphabetical order with a representative quote from each.

From Nick Cater: Australians won’t fall for a bandana republic.

The republican movement has its work cut out. Before it can get around to replacing the Queen it apparently has to remove its hapless spokesman.

From Pauline Hanson: Our dry, fragile continent can’t sustain current immigration levels.

Governments, both Liberal and Labor, argue immigration is good for the economy, but economist Judith Sloan, writing on these pages recently, says immigration benefits special interest groups. She says the economics of immigration are clear. In the short term, immigration reduces per capita income, and in the long term per capita income gains are modest, but these calculations ignore the congestion costs, house prices and the loss of amenity.

From Ian Plimer: Repeat after me: carbon dioxide is good for us.

Climate policy is underpinned by two fallacies. The first is that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming. The second is that future climate can be predicted from computer models.

From Judy Sloan: Compromised NEG could be worse than doing nothing.

But here’s a tip: don’t believe the hype about the NEG. Designed by experts with particular agendas, it’s a dog’s breakfast that could be worse than doing nothing. Anyone who believes in the modelling-based predictions of ­future price reductions — $550 cuts to households’ annual electricity bills — also believes in the tooth fairy.

Alas, tomorrow it will be Savva, Richardon, von Onselen and some Labor member of the shadow cabinet, but in the meantime, this is as good as it gets.

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