The future of their party and who knows who else

Via Steve Hayward.

And yet another take:

1) I am not sorry.
2) It’s not coming down.
3) I will make another one.
4) You don’t have to hate Trump to use humor.
5) I don’t have to warn you when I’m about to tell a joke.

Allie Beth Stuckey

Enlightening & hard-hitting interview with Socialist “it girl” and fellow millennial, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [it is a joke]

So let us see what her supporters are like, although the reality is that you cannot parody them since they are such ignorant fodder for a tyranny they have no conception of. It’s only a not very random sample, but there are plenty more like them everywhere.

They are the very definition of drongo. Know-nothings about anything they need to know, whose arrogant stupidity may yet drag us into an abyss out of which even a century from now there will be no coming out of the depths into which our economies might yet descend.