Talk about creepy

Perhaps a bit of common sense at last from the Foreign Editor at the Oz: Back trump on Iran, with Netanyahu, Putin’s co-operation. But first he says this:

Now, I think that crew of creepy right-wingers in the US and Australia who think Putin is a great friend of Western civilisation are just about crazy.

My goodness, who are such people? What do they say? Quotes and references, please. The Russians have their interests and we have ours and sometimes they overlap. But Russia is no longer the Soviet Union and there are many things the US and Russia can achieve together since their and our interests often overlap. And guess what we find right after the above?

But in strategic policy, in the real world, the choice is often between the evil and the even more evil. Russia’s presence in Syria may have produced something somewhat less horrible than its absence would have produced. Look at the other main actors in Syria — Islamic State, Iran, ­Hezbollah. They are all worse for humanity in Syria, and worse for Western interests, than Russia has been.

For whatever its many sins, Moscow has played the role in Syria that the West once played in troubled countries — it has restored order.

And on the American president:

The Trump administration is right to repudiate the pathetically weak deal Barack Obama did with Iran. Trump wants to enforce the red lines Obama once had for Iran — no uranium enrichment, no ballistic missiles and so on. Canberra should support this.

With this conclusion:

Trump does good as well as bad. We should explicitly and publicly support US policy on Iran.

Well, yes indeed we should. And on much else as well. Did you see this, for example: North Korea: satellite images show dismantling of missile test facilities. Quite a lot of good is being done by PDT, in fact, with very little bad of any kind so far as I can see.

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