The Winston Churchill of our time

‘Our relationship had never been worse – but that changed four hours ago’: Trump hails ‘direct, open, deeply productive’ talks with Putin

US President Donald Trump has come face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland

The pair made opening remarks to the media before reaching across to shake hands ahead of private talks

Trump said he hoped for ‘extraordinary relationship’ with Moscow and praised Russia’s hosting of World Cup

Afterwards, Trump admitted ties between nations had ‘never been worse’ but said the situation had changed

Putin said the Cold War was over and that the US and Russia now needed to solve problems together

The above from here with quite a bit more. The Russians are no longer an ideological enemy, but there are many who are.

As for those who must live in the past, this is what we say to them. And there are plenty among the insane, with the deep state comprised of the politicians of the left and their supporters, bureaucrats and public “servants”, virtually the whole of the media, and the academic social sciences left and not just social scientists. This is how they see things.

This instead is the new reality.

Trump winks at Putin during high stakes Helsinki summit…
Putin declares ‘Cold War is over’…
Body language expert analyzes…
EU urges to protect global order…
China watching…
‘Journalist’ dragged out of press conference by secret service…

Hardly peace in our time but greater safety and a collective focus, hopefully with the Russians, on those who really would do us harm.

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