Canadians do not like PDT’s America First policies

Not much of a surprise really, since they prefer Canada First policies, though why they elected Justin Trudeau if that was in their minds is beyond me. Via my refugee ex-mate from communist Hungary, who is now more socialist than the communist leaders when the soviets ran the place: Canadians overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump, poll says. Not quite, since the article is about trade alone, but why expect a journalist to get things right?

Four out of five Canadians disapprove of U.S. President Donald Trump in the wake of an escalating trade war with Canada, a new poll has found.

The Campaign Research survey also found 72 per cent believe Trump’s protectionist policies have “harmed” the Canadian economy, while only three per cent said they have “helped.”

It may come as a surprise that it is not the role of the United States government to put the interests of non-Americans ahead of the interests of Americans. Although when you watch the Democrats dealing with their border wars to the south, you have to wonder if the media and the Dems even know what American’s own interests are.

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