Feather duster

Eight years on top but as gone as any politician has ever been. But I have to say, his supporters are more insane than is truly believable. This is the moronic Maureen Down writing in the NYT more than a year into the Trump presidency: Obama – Just Too Good for Us. I looked everywhere for a trace of irony but none I could find. Try yourself, read through the whole article, but this really is what she believes:

We just weren’t ready for his amazing awesomeness.

Let us hope we can also add his kind shall not pass this way again. And then this as a keepsake.

Ben Rhodes on election night hearing that DJT is about to become PDT. How detached these people are from reality is possibly the strangest revelation this election has brought to light. But savour this while you can. In about a year I suspect you will be unable to find this video no matter how hard you look. On the other hand, it may become the most common parody video of all time, beating even Hitler’s Downfall. For example:

Alas eight years goes by really quickly, and four years even more quickly. With such people everywhere, you never know just how badly things can turn out.

AND LET ME NOW ADD THIS: I realise how hard it can sometimes be to believe that those on the left believe the things they do. Satire is impossible since they are more unintentionally satirical than anyone could make up about them. There is no irony on the left. So let me therefore bring your attention to this article by the great Roger Kimball: A Clueless “Final Year”. To be read through yourself, but this gets to the point:

The breathtaking presumption of virtue, the unshakeable confidence in one’s moral election, is patent throughout this documentary. It is also vividly on view in a New York Times story from a couple of days ago about Obama’s reaction to Donald Trump’s triumph in the 2016 election: How Trump’s Election Shook Obama: ‘What if We Were Wrong?’. The irony in the title is that no one involved in the story, not Obama, not Ben Rhodes, not the Times reporter seriously entertains the question “What if we were wrong?”

Yes, Obama wonders whether “we pushed too far.” “Maybe,” he says, “people [though not, of course, his people] just want to fall back into their tribe.” But there is no suggestion he might not think he is traveling in the vanguard of history. “Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early,” he said. If only the world were elevated a little higher towards my plane of enlightenment, then people like me would still be in power and all would be right with the world! Amazing.

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