Perhaps sooner is better than later

From Scott Johnson at Powerline: Israel stikes Iran in Syria. And since this is a blog site and not a news service, I will give you an opinion. This is good and if we are looking for peace in the Middle East – what an idea but now possible – it would be best if the Israelis succeed. I wonder if they can give PDT two Peace Prizes in a single year? The rest is from Scott.

Israel Defense Forces conducted predawn retaliatory airstrikes targeting dozens of Iranian bases, command centers and weapons caches in Syria. Targets included sites throughout Syria. On Twitter, retired IDF spokesman Peter Lerner reports that targeted Quds Force positions include intelligence observation posts, logistics command positions, military command posts and bases, and a weapons depot at Syria International Airport, and the vehicle on which the rocket launch that provoked the strikes. Israeli jets also targeted Assad’s already weakened air defenses. No jets were lost in the retaliatory strikes.

The Israeli airstrikes responded to 20 Grad and Fair-5 rockets launched from southern Syria by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’s al-Quds Force at Israeli military positions on the Golan Heights. The strikes also took out the vehicle that launched the 20 rockets. Looking around quickly online this morning, I find that Judah Ari Gross’s Times of Israel story and the related AP/TOI roundup provide the essential information.

Iran wants to set up bases to wage war on Israel from Syria. This Israel will not abide. I wonder how long it will be before Israel exhausts its list of known targets in Syria and moves on to Iran. Taking a look at this morning’s IDF targets in Syria, Roger Simon wonders the same thing (tweet below).

Roger Simon@rogerlsimon

IDF attacks dozens of Iranian targets in Syria

IDF attacks dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Qods Force in Syrian territory.