Borderline insane

My nitwit former friend out in California continues to send me articles from the media basically framed around how disastrous Donald Trump has been, is now and ever will be. Although he sends me one or two of these a day, I decided he was no longer my friend when he didn’t wish me a happy birthday since he obviously knows my address and thinks of me all the time. Kind of sad, really, but having become a wealthy, Porsche-driving, profit-maximising, employee-firing Silicon-Valley CEO of his own business, although also a refugee from 1956 communist Hungary, he sent me this the other day: Capitalism: A Disaster for All Seasons, from The Nation of all things. This is the sub-head which is really all you need to know:

For every San Francisco earthquake and Superstorm Sandy, some die—and others profit.

It’s almost as if they think capitalism causes earthquakes and hurricanes, and for all I know that is what they really believe. But why I mention this at all is something he just sent me this the other day: How Trump lost Ann Coulter. It’s from CNN so you already know it’s slanted and inane, but if they are willing to say a nice word about Ann, it must be truly terrible about PDT.

The right-wing rabble-rouser Ann Coulter recently declared at a talk at Columbia University that the President was a “shallow, lazy ignoramus” and that she’s now a former Trumper. “If he doesn’t have us anymore, that’s what he should be worried about,” Coulter later told The New York Times. “He’s not giving us what he promised at every campaign stop.”

It really is astonishing that Ann has gone so 180 on Trump, and if this is really what she thinks, the words “shallow, lazy ignoramus” really do apply to her. The fact of the matter is that there is very little PDT is trying to achieve that I do not agree with. That he is finding it difficult given the opposition from the Democrats, the media and half the Republican Party is incredible to watch, but that he is succeeding on much of it and making progress on most of it, still feels like a political miracle. I might imagine that one day I will come to the conclusion that it was too great a task for anyone to achieve, but I doubt it will ever cross my mind that anyone else could have done anywhere near as well.

AND SPEAKING OF HUNGARY AND CALIFORNIA: Interesting that all this is going on while Hungary and California are so in the news for exactly the same issue: open borders, on which they represent the two extremes of the moment. First Hungary where there was a landslide win for its border protecting President and his party.

Hungary’s Orban wins third term in power…

Populist, patriot…

From the first story:

The rightwing nationalist prime minister projected himself as a savior of Hungary’s Christian culture against Muslim migration into Europe, an image which resonated with millions of voters, especially in rural areas.

“We have won, Hungary has won a great victory,” a jubilant Orban told a large crowd of cheering supporters near the Danube river in Budapest.

“There is a big battle behind us, we have won a crucial victory, giving ourself a chance to defend Hungary.”

According to preliminary results with 93 percent of votes counted, National Election Office data projected Fidesz to win 133 seats, a tight two-thirds majority in the 199-seat parliament. Nationalist Jobbik was projected to win 26 seats, while the Socialists were projected as third with 20 lawmakers.

And then this, a million miles from Silicon Valley if you aren’t interested in looking we have this today: California. Sh*thole if you will pardon the expression.

California is no longer the American Dream. For native born Americans, it is the American Nightmare. A cautionary tale of what happens when you combine open borders; a pathetic welfare state; and radical liberal politicians who see taxpayers as targets to be fleeced and illegal aliens as their core constituency.

44% of Californians don’t speak English at home. It is a foreign state inside America. Soon expect to see employment ads that say, “Americans not wanted.”

California is following “the Mexican model” – ie a population with a tiny sliver of super rich elites at the top…and everyone else is dirt poor. Just like Mexico, the middle class is becoming extinct in California. This is the express train to hell.

Thanks to illegal immigration (which is always a net negative)…thanks to the joys of diversity (which doesn’t always work)…thanks to liberal politicians and voters…

Here, just for emphasis, are some pictures to go with the text.

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