You know, there may be something to this

Nice to be on TV, I suppose, but the plot lines seem a bit farfetched. From a comment at Instapundit:

I think aliens control American politics, and use it as source material for an intergalactic reality show.

“In next week’s episode, watch as we switch the winner of the presidential race at the last minute. You won’t believe what happens to the supporters of the losing candidate!”



● Feminists ‘self-identify’ as males… to infiltrate men-only swim session.

● “A man with a violent criminal record is suing a battered women’s shelter for refusing to take him in…after getting drunk and becoming belligerent. So he went to a battered women’s shelter and demanded entry, claiming he identified as a woman. The battered women’s shelter is a faith based organization and it denied him entry. The man, you should know, does not appear to have taken steps to legally change his name nor to have surgery to conform to his supposed gender identity.”

● “Look, either we all agree that there’s such a thing as consensus reality, or we don’t. If you can change your sex just by saying so, you should be able to change your race too. If you guys expect me to accept Caitlyn Jenner, then I expect you to accept Rachel Dolezal. She’s a strong, beautiful black woman. And you can be one too.”

● “Last week, a U.S. District judge named George L. Russell III declared that the local high school in St. Michaels is violating the rights of a student named Max Brennan, who was born a girl but has decided he is a boy. (Like the parties to the case, judge, defendant, and plaintiff, we’ll refer to Max as a boy, for courtesy’s sake.) When Max told school authorities about his decision, they did what they could to accommodate him, calling him by his new name and referring to him with masculine pronouns. On Max’s behalf, they even subjected school staff to a ‘professional development workshop’ on the subject of transgender students. Max wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to use the boys’ locker room when changing clothes for gym class and showering afterwards. The school administration offered him instead the use of a ‘gender-neutral’ restroom where he could change, and gym teachers allowed him additional time to get to class. Max says he has been ‘generally accepted and recognized as male’ by his classmates. But when he used the restrooms to change clothes, he reported receiving ‘weird looks.’ A gay rights activist group called FreeState Justice volunteered to take the school district to court. Judge Russell agreed that not allowing Max full use of the locker room ‘harms his health and well-being.’ Max now has the right to shower with the boys, while the case continues its way through the courts. Doubtless some parents in St. Michaels are wondering why, all of a sudden, the law requires their sons to shower with a girl, just because the girl says she is a boy. They join many parents around the country under similar circumstances who are wondering the same thing. This is where [Ryan T. Anderson’s new book], When Harry Became Sally will come in handy.”

Finally, it’s may be behind the Commentary subscriber paywall, but if you have access to it, Sohrab Ahmari’s new article, “The Disappearance of Desire: The transgender movement’s missing element,” is a fascinating deep-dive read.

The universe may be defined as where everything is possible, but some things are just too outrageous even for intergalactic TV.

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