Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman interview reactions

These are reactions to the Cathy Newman interview of Jordan Peterson. His own reaction, as discussed in the final video below, is that the interview is an example of “the instability of the times we are in.” It is a forewarning of the dark times ahead for us all.

These are a series of quotes from the last interview with Peterson not necessarily perfectly transcribed [and now for some reason no longer available]:

“She laid out two sets of ideological presuppositions, two sets actually, her set and my set. The set of ideological position she laid out from my side bore very little relation to what I think or say.”

“She would ask me a question that wasn’t really a question but a barb with bait on the end of it. She would say what I said which had nothing to do with what I had said. She was fabricating on the sly the person – the villain – that she hoped I would be and insisting that was me and denying that it was a lie. That is what the interview was.”

“I was watching her after the first minute like a clinician and watching what she was doing. And I truly don’t believe that anything she said in that entire interview was true on its own.”

The form of conversation was not one designed to further our knowledge of the truth which is the highest form of conversation. Indeed, there is quite a fascinating discussion of the nature of her approach to the discussion. “Playing the devil’s advocate and asking difficult questions are not the same thing.”

“Her claims became so preposterous and self-contradictory that it was difficult to remain completely detached. And this was the crux of the interview . . . she had asked me in her self-righteous manner just what gave me the right to offend someone and hurt their feelings, and I thought about six things at the same time, but the first thing I thought was, you’re a journalist, that’s the last question in the world you should ever ask someone, if you have any genuine integrity as a journalist because that’s all you have as a journalist. You have the right to offend people and hurt their feelings. So I called her out on that.”

“There was a three-fold ideological battle going on. There was a battle between her position which was radically neo-Marxist post-modernist. She was arguing against who she thought I was. And then there was the position I was trying to put forward which had virtually nothing to do with what she was discussing.”

“I was able to keep reasonably detatched during the interview because whoever she thought she was talking to bore very little resemblance to me.”

“But she couldn’t make her reputation and her living that way using those tactics – those were not tactics of seeking the truth but they were almost tactics of domination.”

But the outcome should not be seen as a win since “virtually everyone watching it online . . . are not happy with the way the interview went. . . . That should be crushing for her. . . . If we are forestalling a correction and we keep putting it off, then when it comes it will be much worse.”

Newman was driven by “ideologically motivated lies”.

In regard to his life’s work: “My conscious goal was the hope it would make people immune to ideological possession” an ambition which he himself notes he has not been successful at.

Anyway, don’t ignore the last of the videos the first half hour of which are Peterson’s own reflections. That is the most disturbing part of this entire episode and is worth your close attention. You should also listen to the last hour and a quarter as well but the analysis of the conversation is quite profound and something you will rarely encounter. He is a very dark prophet of our time. These are his own words about the kinds of outcome Cathy Newman, and indeed the entire post-modernist world of the neo-Marxist left, are leading us towards.

“We are playing with fire. Polarisation can only go on for so long before we start acting it out.”

I don’t think when we start acting these things out that the outcomes will be in any way positive at all. Meanwhile, here are the various videos but don’t forget the one that comes last.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the original interview. And what makes this so remarkable is that the BBC was so certain of the outcome that they scheduled a half hour interview that went very very wrong, for them.

And the following provides some commentary about Cathy Newman and the entire outcome by Peterson. The first 33 minutes and then the rest is his discussing his philosophy and work.

And now that the above has disappeared, here is part of that video.

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