Is it too late and are we too stupid to learn?

This is from David Solway, writing from and about Canada, but he could just as easily be writing about us. The article is titled The Scourge of Multiculturalism and is about a subject the word for which he may even have invented: ethnocide. To be read in full, but not then just passed by to the next such analysis but instead used as a reflection on what can still be done. And what must certainly be done is to prevent any party of the left taking the reins of government, even if it means continuing with the stupidest man to have ever entered the PM’s office continuing as PM. Here is part of what Solway has written.

If we accept that the Western democracies are not mere accidental aggregates but nations with a foundational and settled history, we must be wary of admitting new immigrants in great numbers who may have little in common with an already established ethos, especially if they hail from regimes that are alien or hostile to the civics and culture of the host country. Naturally I will be deliberately misunderstood by left-wing ideologues, social justice warriors and the army of bleeding heart liberals who have lost touch with the roots and principles that ground our heritage and for which our ancestors struggled, fought and died. I am not opposed to immigration per se, only to ill-advised and special interest agendas that would weaken and adulterate the stable domestic accords arrived at over many generations.

To say “we are a nation of immigrants,” then, is immaterial. We are now a nation of citizens. Skilled immigrants, properly screened and taking into account real domestic needs, should be part of the country’s future, but not in multiples that threaten to dilute a nation’s internal cohesion, not from backward countries whose inhabitants are all too often uneducated, illiterate and functionally unassimilable, and certainly not from parts of the world whose history, culture, theology and politics have ranged it against everything that Western civilization comprises. The plight of European nations like Germany, Sweden, England and France, sinking into a morass of civil unrest, criminal violence and legal subversion, should be an incontrovertible object lesson that multiculturalism is the devil’s gift to a forgetful and undeserving people.

And then there is this, which is at the very centre of his argument:

The recent media flap over President Trump’s vulgar expression concerning third world sewers from which many immigrants are drawn — there is no proof one way or another that he uttered the remark — is merely another sign that the West, or its elites, have denied their own historical exceptionalism. Why they should demean their own civitas is perhaps obvious. It is, or should be, common knowledge that an ascendant and ever-assertive Left is quite willing to turn Western nations into dumpsters in order to procure immigrant votes and advantageous electoral results. These quislings demand, observes Geoffrey Hunt in American Thinker, “that we disembowel Western civilization and instead venerate all non-white, post-colonial cultures,” which is nothing less than an “open invitation for failed states to plant their failed cultures and wretchedness here.” Indeed, if Western civilization were not endowed with superior attributes, why would it be besieged by foreign claimants for its freedoms, perquisites and shelter?

That is, these migrants come here for the freedoms, perquisites and shelter their own countries do not offer to them, nor ever will. These are freedoms, perquisites and shelter which we will no longer even continue to offer to ourselves if present migration trends continue. See Sweden and Germany for a glimpse of our own future if we are not able to think realistically about the problems our migration policies and an open borders doctrine would with certainty create.

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