An answer to the nihilist lunatics in our midst

People will always disagree over politics since we all have different values and different personal policy agendas. But those who are #NeverTrump and #AntiTrump have no values or agenda items worth even mention. They are nihilist lunatics none of whom has ever been able to make a case for why shouldn’t someone think Donald Trump become President. You don’t have to like everything he does to see that his election as President represents a coherent set of principles that can be supported by reasonable people, whether on foreign, domestic or economic policy. Not that any of them will listen to anyone else with an open mind, but there has always been a pro-Trump case which is getting more obvious by the day. This is Conrad Black on Trump’s Whirlwind Year which should be read from end to end. Here’s a bit just for fun.

This last year, after the year of his nomination and election, has been the second round of Donald Trump’s war to crush and expel the American political establishment. This year he has won over the congressional Republican party, which had almost entirely opposed him, to toil in the enactment of his program. Together they have achieved the greatest tax reform and reduction in over 30 years, largely emasculated Obamacare, put a rod on the backs of those states that elect incompetents like Jerry Brown and the Cuomos and lay the resulting state income taxes off on the whole country, repatriated trillions of dollars of corporate profit, exonerated over half the people from personal income taxes, reduced the return of 80 percent of taxpayers to a postcard, and produced conditions for 4 percent GDP growth next year. The Obama apologetics that a flatlined economy with a shrunken work force and a burgeoning multitude of Medicaid-sedated idleness was the new normal has been debunked; it is the abnormal recent past.

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