More of a miracle than ever

A year after his surprise election, 65 percent say Trump’s achieved little (POLL). The video just takes you down memory lane from a year ago and is compulsory viewing even as long as it is. I guarantee that you will all (except for LIQ) enjoy it from end to end. But the poll, alas, is an accurate reflection among even the people I know.

  • Fifty-five percent say he’s not delivering on his major campaign promises, up sharply from 41 percent in April, at his 100-day mark.
  • Views of Trump as a “strong leader” have plummeted by 13 percentage points, from 53 percent at 100 days to 40 percent today — lower than the worst rating on this question for either of his two predecessors throughout their two terms in office.
  • As the president travels in Asia, a remarkable 67 percent of Americans don’t trust him to act responsibly in handling the situation involving North Korea — up 5 points from September. Also relevant to his travels, a majority, 53 percent, now says America’s leadership in the world has gotten weaker under Trump.
  • Two-thirds (65 percent) also now say he’s accomplished anywhere from “not much” to “little or nothing” as president — up from 56 percent who said so after his first 100 days, and sharply contradicting the president’s own claims to be highly productive.
  • Again two-thirds (66 percent) say Trump lacks the personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president, and essentially as many (65 percent) say he’s not honest and trustworthy.
  • Scores also are negative (if somewhat less broadly so) on some of his campaign hallmarks: Sixty-two percent of Americans say he doesn’t understand their problems, 58 percent reject the idea that he’s “good at making political deals” and 55 percent say he has not brought needed change to Washington.

The magic of stupidity and ingratitude never lets you down. Nevertheless, an election is not about approval in any absolute sense but a contest against another human who have their own policies and peculiarities, and in this case against a Democrat who will need to appeal to the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. Barring catastrophe, from 2020 it will be four more years of the best governance we have seen in a long long time.

And if you would like to indulge a bit more in a shameful wallowing in schadenfreude you can watch more or less the same as the first video but with Batman thrown in for his expert commentary:

And if that’s not enough, here’s CBS:

And a quick round-up of all of the most anguished reactions:

A once-in-a-lifetime moment for us all, and for them the first of a series of Groundhog’s Day elections! You have to wonder whether these people will ever grow up. For me, it was equivalent to what the Israelites must have experienced when they saw the Red Sea part right before their very eyes.

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