If it’s political leadership you want I have just the man for you

As soon as I saw the title – The West is in strife — and looking for leaders – I went looking for what I knew would be there:

Since Trump’s elevation to the most powerful position in the world, his supporters are finding it difficult to point out his achievements.

This is written like a typical leftist nonce – Graeme Richardson in this case – as he tiptoes past the graveyard of dead socialist ideas. And dead though they be, they live on within the putrid and decaying minds of those who believe that though they have ruined everything they touch, next time will be better. As for PDT, two items from just today:

Rand Paul: “Biggest Free Market Reform of Healthcare in a Generation”

U.S. to withdraw from Jewish-history-denying Islamic-supremacist-promoting UNESCO

As it happens, just yesterday pretty well everyone who had supported Trump publicly during the election met up together for dinner. It wasn’t a dinner about Trump, but just a get together but the President did get mentioned and all of us were still ecstatic that he won. But you do have to wonder what Graeme is looking for if he can write this:

It may seem hard to believe but I am horrified at the thought of ­Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becoming Britain’s prime minister.

His brand of magic pudding economics will send the country broke, yet his appeal to younger voters is growing rather than ­diminishing. His vows to end austerity and start spending have a ready-made audience as many Brits consider they have been squeezed too often and for too long. Brexit will be difficult to negotiate and the power vacuum at the top in Britain is a real worry.

You know, if that really is the kind of thing on his mind, then PDT ought to be just the political leader he should want.

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