So good at wastefully spending other peoples money on illegally arriving foreigners

The main reason to read The Oz nowadays is for the comments after the stories. So there is this story, Victoria to help asylum seekers cut off by the Turnbull government, where this is the first para:

More than 100 asylum seekers will receive help from the Victorian government for food, housing and basic living costs after the Commonwealth cut off its support. Under Turnbull government changes, about 400 asylum seekers living in Australia for medical treatment will be transferred to final departure visas and expelled from Australia.

For myself, the issue of illegal immigration will be decisive at the next election, present polls or no polls. So these are the latest comments, in order from the most recent down:

To summarise, we will shut down Hazelwood and let our elderly freeze and workers lose work, we will put bollards up when refugees kill us, and then we will mock the very border policies that protect us with hand outs for illegals. The beauty of becoming completely unaccountable aka safe schools, euthanasia and billion dollar pay outs not to build a tunnel, is that eventually people cease being surprised. Victorians have been dulled into a stupor and think, well of course he would do that.

Yeh Mr Andrews, you support people who are using the system, lawyers to stay here when they don’t deserve to be here. Some are abusing our generosity and you support that. Mr Andrews, you are so wrong on this along with the CFA, CFMEU support and West Gate tunnel that I am amazed that you have anyone who supports you.

That’s it. I am old enough to say ” A Pox on all our governments” What ever that means!

Labor can no longer get voters on board with their policies. In order to get their support base up, they resort to rewarding those who rip off the system and those who take the taxpayers for a ride. I’m sick of Labor splashing our money around to support illegal immigrants. Imagine if the homeless started robbing Andrews personal bank account? I bet my last dollar he would be up in arms over people stealing from him. Just imagine how the taxpayer feels!

Here we go again. You just can’t trust the ALP when it comes to border protection. What is this guy thinking? Every people smuggler around this world knows about it by now. They never learn!

What is wrong with their silio ethnic grouping supporting them?

What about the homeless people who abound Melbourne CBD, will you do the same for them Premier?

He is just a modern politician pandering to his voter base. They are all the same.

Spot on!

Oh Mr Daniel Andrews, exactly what is holding these illegal arrivals up from leaving Australia? It surely doesn’t take them 6 months to get to the airport for their government paid flights back to their home country. It is good to see that the Andrews government is so good at wastefully spending other peoples money on illegally arriving foreigners who refuse to leave Australia after they have blown all of the their own money to arrive in Australia illegally. Really, this is classic socialism 101, whatever way you look at it or try to write about it. Yet the arrogant Daniel Andrews persists to angrily look down on all others for criticising him for his wasteful spending habits and policies. If only we were all privileged enough to wastefully spend huge amounts of others peoples money!

As Australians we help people that need help. Unfortunately our right wing government wont even help. Potato Pete uses his cruelty to persecute these refugees and when a state government helps the rightwhingers come out. People below are saying cant help our own and charity starts at home. Shame your government have cut them off too.

@John These people do not need help. After all they had sufficient funds to pay people smugglers. What is wrong with their ethnic communities supporting them?

It’s not about anti immigration. It’s about anti illegal immigration.

What part of that don’t you and Red Dan understand, John?

OMG the bleeding heart Andrews shows his moral superiority whilst the majority of Australians know these opportunist are playing for mugs !

“We’re making sure these families will have a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food on the table.” And then they’ll never leave. They are illegal.

Stop putting the sugar back on the table. Besides, there are advocates out there moral posturing how they would give anyone on Manus or Nauru a bed at their house…Let them step up

If you want to give even more money to illegal immigrants Dan then pay for it out of your own pocket not Victorian taxpayers.

Show pony and grandstanding. How predictable. Minority rights over the common good.

Don’t forget to provide a Safe Schools Programme for their kids, in their own language of course.

Charity should start at home, Dan. So many needy in Melbourne

Not Andrews money, it’s mine and I’m not happy.we have bigger problems than this pr stunt.

Do not fear @William. Andrews has proven himself to be one of our States worst leaders. He won’t survive the next election. Will be glad to see him go as will most people living in regional Victoria.

So we go out of our way for illegal people but can’t help Australians. Well done Andrews.

Peter Your government wont help them either all they do is take things away.

Mr Andrews, can you also help Victorians who are homeless, others who cannot pay their power bills???

But, will they have electricity for lights and gas for cooking and warmth, Daniel?

Not guaranteeing the electricity, Mr Andrews?

Dear me, what about our own homeless. I believe there is a man just started his walk to Canberra from Melbourne to help the homeless. Help them too, Mr Andrews, please!

No soup for them

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